Customized Caricature: Digital Painting

Customized caricature drawing, in digital painting style.

  • 1 x head (till shoulder)
  • Size A4
  • Exclude frame
  • Short text greetings (optional)




Customized caricature drawing, draw with tablet, in digital painting style.

What You Get:
1 x A4 size color printed output.
1 x head only (till shoulder), in digital painting style.
Final artwork shipped in protector envelope.

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How if I want the Soft Copy, and I print it with my own way?
Additional charge apply, RM80. Order manually via email. Any printed color matching consequence bear by customer.

How to proceed order here?
After placed order, either pay with Paypal or Bank deposit. Then submit photo & details by email.

Sketch preview?
Yes & No. Artist here reserved the right for do any amend on face expression. Because this is Caricature, it’s depends on artist skill. This is not Portrait, as general people thought.

Processing day?
5 ~ 10 working days.

Photo requirements?
Giving more photo will help artist understand a person figure. Photo with facial expression is good. Photo in day light, high res, different angle faces, are great. NO to: Passport | selfie | close-up | photo dark/not clear/ too small | low res | pixaleted | blur