Thor 4: You Flicked Too Hard Dammit!

Chris Hemsworth get naked in the new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer. While Triton Lim Artist pixelated audience's face since in the old years.

Chris Hemsworth’s nude behind has been censored in the new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer. (Marvel Studios/Disney)

Chris Hemsworth get naked in the new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer

Chris Hemsworth has delighted fans by showing off his naked ‘god bod’ in the latest trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder.

God of Thunder Zeus, humiliating Thor by flicking off his disguise in front of his entire court.

Hemsworth is then shown completely in the nude (pixelated) and shouting: “You flicked too hard dammit!”

Since 2015 and early, I rarely showing off audience faces public on online media

Why do Caricature Artist Malaysia Triton Lim, did so, pixelated audience faces? 

Taking care audience privacy. Some may allow you taken photo with no doubt, showing off faces no problem. Some may not. So pixilated/cover up faces must.

During I making my own official website here. I touched about this PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) is important taking care client privacy who visit my website. Then I released that how important to do so on my live caricature event too. So I practiced to keep this habit along until now.

Audience face pixelated.

Many others caricaturist not do so?

Erm…I don’t know. I also wonder do they think about audience/client privacy?

I think is all about Experiences, when you get older.

Showing off purpose to get business, how audience get surprise with the artwork pieces on hand, and get photo taken in front. But this is not about. People pick you or not, is not depend how many “whao…whao…” photo (unpixelated) you have. Cheap is an other topic. How people understand Caricature is an other topic.

Audience face pixelated.






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