Big Head Little Body Portrait Drawing for A Wedding Couple

Big Head Little Body Portrait drawing for a Malay wedding couple. Great for memorable gift present, to remember the sweet wonderful moment.

Gift For Malay Wedding Couple

Big Head Little Body Portrait drawing, where head exactly draw in portrait form, and head size much more bigger than body size. Somehow people called it Cute. Or somehow people called it Cartoon. Whatever, me called it here Big Head Little Body Portrait — draw by Portrait Artist Malaysia, Triton Lim.

Big Head Little Body Portrait, for me, I get a lot of influences from Sam Hui Hong Kong Star Movie Poster, back to 70s, 80s. I’m still small. One thing I recognized from the poster, is fun to watch. A kind of imagination, flying at your mind. Nevertheless, people all love it.

Sketching peparing.

A Little Details That Hardly Seen

Sarung that I giving him a simple textile design. While lady Baju Kurung I giving him a nice simple modern motif. Tudung there is simple texture design at the edge too. Background deco, just as simple floral and flower.

Inking & coloring.

Sweet Moment of Wedding Couple

Big Head Little Body Portrait drawing, great for gift present. Especially when come to specific occasion. Liked this wedding couple. Just simple and fun, memorable for keeping. Is kind of cute compare to real portrait studio photo ya.

Spending money asking customize from artist is great. But the most great moment, is where you yourself can draw it with your own hand. No matter perfect or not, it is representing whatever you are. That’s why I already have few product, is for those who like to draw by themselves.

Preparing for delivery out.




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