First Project of ScreenPrint: Hoodie For College Students

From selecting the quality of hoodie until the ink selection, all kind of materials need to be considered. This is my first screen print project: Hoodie for students.

What is Photo Emulsion?

Screen printing emulsion is a light-sensitive liquid that make your image into negative. I really don’t know how to work, for the newbie, at that time. Easy get frustrated and almost give up.

Photo Emulsion similar to Negative.

Silkscreen Ink

When you explore to silkscreen ink, it can be really messy and easy get wet on hand. Somehow it can be easy get dry, get hard, then the ink can’t be use anymore.

Some silkscreen ink, is chemistry smelly. Some hard to wash off from hand. Some is not eco-friendly. These all you got to take a serious consideration during screen print a project. Choose wisely the silkscreen ink. Ours local Malaysia silkscreen ink product, I couldn’t found one that is suitable for newbie, eco-friendly and easy to use yet.

Silkscreen Ink easy get dry.

What is the Best timing for image exposed?

At that time, I only refer to Youtube, most of the time. I asked Supplier and Silkscreen owner, how does this work. But somehow due different country different product using, so everything come out with different result. It is really frustrated during that time. to do…?

Lighting no enough bright, photo emulsion burned. Time exposing too short, or too long, photo emulsion get burned. I tried so many time. I so doubt to myself. Who can help me.

Silkscreen Ink look like.





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