Portrait Way By Triton Lim

Mr. Whisper, thank you for making me rinse. Time to let you go Mr. Whisper.

Should I Bother The Mr. Whisper??

Pandemic COVID attack in our places Malaysia almost 2 years. Death happened but never known how these family gone through. If virus happen to me, how is going on to my love and cats?

I started realize, I worry too much all the time. I need do something now.

Mr. Whispering talking to me. “Why you want to start up Portrait drawing?” I said, you want get hungry?

Go Away Mr. Whispering!

I concentrate in my Caricature from the beginning until now. But why not enhance my skill to master Portrait? Why not giving myself a courage to draw Portrait? Why I so scared about my caricature skill will lose, if I mastering Portrait? Whispering voice make me nervous all these years.

“Mr. Whisper, please go away!”

“I will make changes to my life. Not for you to control over me!”

Everyone have different way present portrait. Even me. Finding myself in the way to draw portrait.

Portrait VS Caricature In My World

From my point of view, they are still a lot people don’t know how to differentiate the difference in between of them.

When I was started Caricature 10 years ago, people are confused, Big Head is Caricature. “No Sir, there are different kind of face drawing already, it should be called Caricature.” I’m try to educating them.

When I start to open Portrait product, people said is this Cartoon? I said “No!”. I need to educate them again.


Believe. Make it different.

If something you really don’t know, go and ask someone you know. Everyone have a different path. Only you know yourself better than someone else.

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