Gift Caricature Anniversary For A Couple

Surprise with the exaggerated caricature for your special occasion cerebration days.

“Can I have 2 person in 1 A4?”, SURE.

This is special gift for couple caricature. Caricature draw by Triton Lim Artist – Caricature Artist Malaysia. As usual, I done few sketch, and then I pick final one and start lining and coloring.

1st sketch of caricature.

How far you understanding Caricature, the how far you can accept the exaggeration of the caricature characteristic. 

Client provided limited photo is crucial. Somehow I need to push my imagination to 100%. Don’t blame me OK at the end, while more photo is help for me to understand your figure well. 

2nd sketch of caricature.

“Why not I called myself Top Number One Caricature Artist in Malaysia?” As you know I’m kind of super low profile person, these kind of things I’m not interesting at all. In fact, if people smart, they will know from Google Search. Even through friends of friends.

From my past experience, I don’t care whether you can accept it or not. You got to know this Caricature culture well. And get study how artist transform a face into theirs caricature style. This is important.

Final output of caricature.



“我也想称自己是马来西亚天下第一似颜绘画家,可是这是很愚蠢的。” 现在Google Search,很多乱来,看到你都怕。顾客就像迷失羔羊,被廉价吸引,自己要什么都不懂。

“嗯…画大头、可爱脸、Q版的…称呼什么呢?” 似颜绘-Caricature


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