Caricature Drawing For Officer Group

Thumbnail sketching helps me a lot in the way drawing big size of caricature. Sometime it quite easy for me to catch the symbolic figure of the person too.

From thumbnail sketch to actual size sketching. It help me figure out how suppose to be all 3 person in 1 piece artwork paper. I learned this trick from Bobby Chiu, one of the great artist.

After done sketching. Then I will start with inking and coloring. The face expression started more and more Wow here. I try no limit myself. Let it to be caricature way. This is what suppose to be, Triton Lim Artist – Caricature Artist Malaysia.

At the end, I found out that the customer is from Singapore. I suppose charge the customer by Singapore dollar. Totally missed it. No more case like this happen next time.

Sketching peparing.





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