Helps For A Stray Cat

There are doubt, struggle what or how is the best way for her life, stray cat born by abandoned mum in Apartment area here.

“hey, what to do ar…”.
We are so scared she will turn out keep born like hers mum. Hers mum abandoned by some one irresponsible owner. And the way management handling never take seriously.

When we wanted to take her spray, it’s too late. She already get pregnant. So we just wait for the right time. After stop milk for kitten, we try a simple way, just putting a wet food into hand carry cage, she go inside by herself. We bring her over by next day to vet for surgery process.

This is something not fun, you know. If we don’t do something, she will get raped and born. Kitten grew up in Apartment area, and some how Management people will throw it away. And some unit owner/tenant took back the kitten, without sympathy to the mum, or even giving any help to the mum. 

This is sad tragedy happened most command here Malaysia. Stray cat issues never solved properly. And people awareness to the stray too low. Back to old time 70-80s.

She too scared first time brought to vet and get climb to the top.

TNR, Trap-Neuter-Release
consider a way for them stray cat have a better life out there.

We give her warding in vet for few days. Then we take care her few days at home.

She born outside, she is not easy friendly to people. She even get stressed in the room too. The wild behavior she is to be. 

Tortoiseshell Cat, is very smart cat.

Do not look at the skin, make a conclusion, this must be bad cat. No one born to be bad, OK. This is the look how they been born.

After few day medicine and wound care, we got to let her back to the place she away to be.

One thing for sure, no more birth happen, especially in this Apartment area. And stop outsider male cat keep coming inside. Get spray is not something proud for them. We get to worry about her.

Home nursing care for her.







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