Caricature Print On T-shirt

A dad want his daughter caricature print on t-shirt.

“I want to have a daughter caricature on t-shirt, I want you draw my daughter caricature”, SURE.

As usual, sketching up with photo given. Until good enough, line inking and coloring begin. Printing it out for color checking overall.

Caricature Malaysia, different artist have different approach and even different style. Most common to say, “I want draw a Portrait face in cartoon way.”

Most of the time, I try to educate them about differences between “Caricature” vs “Portrait”. To make things clear enough, is the good things to start accepting drawing.

After client having his soft copy, he start printing out on t-shirt.

Nowadays technology great enough, the feel even better than last time sticker feel. Some is called DTG printing.

Great day can having his own daughter, and wearing everyday. So cool. Wonderful. This is unique stuff, something difference, not every time you can spot on the public.

Process showing from sketching until print on t-shirt.



就算疫情,马来西亚人仍然很多不懂称呼这们艺术——似颜绘 Caricature


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