How Do Define A Good Live Caricature Drawing

"I don't care good or not good caricature drawing. As long get the cheaper one for the event." Does it sound familiar to you?

“Price Concern? Taste Concern?”

You may get the cheaper Curry Laksa, but may not get the taste of Curry Laksa. This is kind of important topic to discuss.

Back to main topic, How do you know you have a good live caricature drawing? (Based on photo below. Which ONE do you like the most of Caricature drawing?) Hard to tell? Artistic? Depends on different kind of view, level of knowledge and perspective culture background? YES/NO

For me: Caricature drawing, how do you simplify and exaggerate a person figure. Characteristic you might found:

  1. Likeness/ Soul  
  2. Exaggeration/ Humor

The top one is my drawing. Below two is just a sample.






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