What Do You Know About Live Caricature Drawing

I personally do not recommended at all, company asking for live caricature drawing based on photo.

The Difference Between Drawing Live and Drawing Live Based On Photo

Somehow organizer don’t understand the meaning of “Live Caricature”. Or even “Caricature”. They thought simply ask somebody who can draw, that’s it. I want you do whatever you have to follow. “Errm…this is no so called you hiring Artist.”

Do you know why me Caricature Artist Malayisa, Triton Lim, I personally Do Not Recommended company for asking drawing Live based on photo?


  1. No single Life form on the drawing photo based. 
  2. No Reaction in between guests and artist.
  3. I See You on live get 360° view. I See Photo, only front flat view. Get wrong figure most of the time.

Scenario A, Live Drawing based on real people. Scenario B, drawing based on mobile photo.






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