Live Caricature Foodpanda Malaysia

Variety of skin tone, actually more lighten up the caricature drawing phenomena. Especially Western have high nose and good shape of bone.

How Many Caricature Artist in Malaysia?

Actually a lot. But depends how each individual define what is Caricature all about.

Thanks the journey of Triton Lim work with Vivian, at Foodpanda Malaysia, Bangsar. When reach one certain of level, work with others caricaturist, nothing to be hide or to be fear. It’s just go nature. On that day, I actually feeling not well. May be gastric. Vomit after the event. Horrible!

I pick up few points here about the differences among caricaturist:

  1. Different Drawing Pattern & Style
  2. Different Enthusiasm & Profession to Live Caricature
  3. Public Understanding to Caricature Low

On the event day.




Foodpanda 似颜绘当天,好多不同肤色的员工,环境拥挤的其实。作画地方其实也是一个拥挤的墙壁区。当天来得及拍了几张画作作品。

Moment live caricature.

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