A Lady Dream To Save The Earth

The Girl Who Love And Care The Earth. The Girl Who Wish To Protect The Earth By Planting A Lot Of Green Vege.​

Saving The Earth, is everyone responsibility. Climate changed. Forest fire. Ocean polluted. Ice mountain meld. What we can do to protect the world?

A surprise gift, by hers friends. The girl who love the earth so much. Come out the ideas “Save The Earth”. She have sweet smiling face. Big ears. She wish to have more green in mountain to protect the world.

All kind of vege I put there. Cabbage, onion, salad, small tree, hills, mountain, fresh air, soil and others small objects.

90% ideas by me. The background, the lady posing, the whole ideas concept, all done by me. I just want this artwork to be real. Something match with the girl. Not something match with the person who want present this gift.

As usual, after done sketching. Starting digital lining and coloring. Final print out. And prepared send it out for courier. The whole entire process here to the client hand.




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