ScreenPrint Learning 02

ScreenPrint learning workshop class at Kajang Silkscreen Malaysia

ScreenPrint to the Newbie

Throwback 2017, I was learning from different place, it helps. I thought first this workshop from factory, must be Pro. Instead it was not. It was kind of introduction to Silkscreen making. Rather than you hand on everything. YES, kind of upset. Advise for Newbie, always ask clear enough what you can learn from, what you can hand on or other thing support offer.

Staff doing screen clearing.

The Whole Experience Silkscreen Workshop

Not really worth, if compare what I learned from KL one. The person who conduct this workshop, not much experience in real hand on. She more on to the introduction to silkscreen.

First I was thought this must be OK, because it is silkscreen factory supplier. There must be the best can learn from the best. No…no…no… As I said, now every one seem want money more than truly teach you knowledge. This is very sad. Back to 2017, and compare now, the situation might be still the same. Oh my god.

Showing how photo elmusion work.

What do I learned at the end?

Theory more than practical. Sad, right? YES. It was. Back to home, there are a lot Question Mark in my head. No one you could refer to. So scary at that time. I can’t move forward.

Where, how, what to do? I’m lost. Silkscreen Malaysia, to you is what? Kind of earning skillsets tools? Or passion expanding through artcraft platform, people know you, and buy from you?

Showing how CMYK work on each screenprint.






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