ScreenPrint Learning 01

ScreenPrint learning workshop class at KL Malaysia

ScreenPrint is What?

ScreenPrint, people Malaysia here called silkscreen, or else don’t know what title is this, called t-shirt print. ScreenPrint, turn your art on to mesh, and print it on different material surface.

Google map photo.

Photo from Raksasa Print Instagram.

Why I Learn ScreenPrint?

Back to 2017, I try to learn this handcraft art, ScreenPrinting. Back to those years, before COVID, not many profession teaching this. I started admire this ScreenPrint when I was Jobless, and try to figure out to improve more beside caricature. So I got a feeling I want to do something unique and close to nature personal feel. No something commercial. And I got a t-shirt with a super nature image on it. From there I try search and search how to make this kind of print. Not many people knew.

When I found out Raksasa Print, they are actually independent artist too. I went to there place for class learning. First time ever, explored to light exposure, water spray, UV, water-based…etc.

Sketch up the idea and transfer to negative.

Throwback those years, I’m so shocked, how did I make that?

Hard to imagine. Everything starting from Ideas. Then turn to negative. And finally printing part. For the first time, your hand will get dirty from these ink, water spray, liquid exposure and etc. Where you definitely need work with electric, water, air-flow and etc. So I would like to called it “Handcrafted Art”.


5 years back compare now, Who do I feel about these journey? I like look for a Sifu, who can guide you to do something right. Rather than just a Workshop Class. It is limited what you can learn from workshop. Actually you can making someone better than you are, this is how we can make world better.

Printing on different fabric material.

ScreenPrint 翻译过来,“绢印”,或者称之为网印。马来西亚人很多称它为silkscreen。




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