Hand-Painting Batik on Cotton Poplin

I couldn't imagine 100cm x 100cm Poplin is so big for me. And I pick "My Lovely Cat" theme at this Batik hand-painting lesson too.

Batik Learning 03 – Hand Painting Batik on Poplin Fabric

“Erm… What is that Poplin fabric?

It is school uniform fabric we used to wear to primary secondary school.

As usual, I try to have a theme for this hand painting Batik. That is My Cat. 100cm x 100cm is quite big. Large space needed for this task. Everything is strange for me.

Preparing the sketch idea.

Just Nailing Up Cotton Poplin on Chair

Ya, I knew this was not a proper learning. But how? I only can try to adapt. This is why learning from proper Batik guru is so important. Not just a cover from. 

As you can see from the photo, few chairs assembling together. And tight it up with normal nail only. It’s kind of easy take off. “Ermm….but what to do?”

Setting up the Poplin.

Start Waxing on Poplin

This is huge area for applying wax. Huge. Somehow, I’m newbie, it is a little bit hard to control overall.

After done waxing, there is the fun part, coloring. Try to have bright lovely color suitable for this theme. I think it took me few hours to complete whole piece Poplin on that day.

After coloring done. It need to wait for color fixing with Sodium. Boiling and so on step. At the other day, then only can see the whole piece Batik artwork coming out.

Coloring on Poplin.

100cm x 100cm 布料的确好大也。因为时间关系,而且还是这么大幅,所以下搞也要得想快。再摆设好订上布在椅子上,迅速上色。



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