Batik Learning 01 – Hand Painting Batik On T-shirt

Joining a Batik workshop class at Bukit Bintang Malaysia. Just for learning hand-painting Batik T-shirt.

Why Batik?

Back to 2020, COVID year begin. Lost job lost direction lost almost everything.

Since after ScreenPrint, I still worry, am I doing right what I doing now? At that time, I just was thinking, I want be master doing something cool element and unique at t-shirt. Something ScreenPrint can’t do. That is why, I attended the workshop.

Google map photo.

Using wax for resist and then color.

Batik on t-shirt

First, this is simple workshop. Nothing much knowledge about Batik, where it come form, what color using for, what pigment come from, what is sodium silicate made from and etc. It took short hours to finish the Batik on t-shirt. At the end, I request the t-shirt need to color fixed. So it took almost half day there.

Wax, first time hard to control. Challenging when come to t-shirt fabric. It’s spread fast. And accidentally drip the wax to hand, it’s hot too.

Color, used ready made one. So I can’t know how to made this, and even don’t know how does this come from. Most of the color look dark and watery.

Sodium, something like a sticky glue. Need wear gloves to handle, hand burn minor if sensitive skin. In fact, it need to soup almost 6 hours long, so that color fixed in the t-shirt material.

Soda, like a soda bake. Need to added at boiling water, for removed the dirt, the wax and the sodium. And then clean water to wash out and rinse.

Soup it into Sodium Silicate for color fixing.


A simple little Batik experience through t-shirt Batik paint actually. For the beginner, you can’t imagine the wax area turn to white area, after washed out. So the whole image look different compare with the wax one. It have to careful in making design. And the t-shirt cotton material, playing a role for adsorbing ink actually. I can’t tell that is good cotton or not.

Batik 翻译过来,“峇迪”,或者称之为蜡染




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