Why Pixelated Faces People in Photo?

Why Chris shown completely in the nude (pixelated) and shouting: “You flicked too hard dammit!”

May Be:

  1. The whole movie planning.
  2. Thor nude (pixelated) can bring more ticket to the movie.
  3. But this is sure, it attract more fans.

Why do Caricature Artist Malaysia — Triton Lim, pixelated audience faces?

Audience face pixelated.

Since 2015 and early, I started pixelated faces in the photo because:

  1. Audience privacy
  2. PDPA: during I making my own official website here. I touched about this PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) is important taking care client privacy who visit my website. Then I released that how important to do so on my live caricature event too. So I practiced to keep this habit along until now.





Audience face pixelated.


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