Surprise Gift Caricature For Standard Chartered

Leader always creating a group of Pros to serve better community. As pro caricature artist Malaysia - Triton Lim, always do, to up-skills whatever it will bring benefit to people.

“Can I have a Group Caricature for my company department?” The answer is YES.

How many people can fit? Actually hard to tell, all depends by size paper and quantity people, the subject you want to bring in and text you want to put it and etc. All playing an important role here.

As usual, rough sketch on paper, to see the position each people in the artwork here. After that, start sketching the people face details, and text greeting words too.

The whole ideas is, “A group of staffs celebrating boss resigning soon”.

Boss standing in the middle, and others surroundings him. Due to budget concern, some may have to sacrifice, with just simple outline caricature face. While the boss with whole body size.

Be remember below photo is out of requirements here.

Drawing caricature, photos always playing important role. Artist have to study few photo of the same person faces, then only he can transform each person into caricature. 

Some how photo given too small and even worst, Pixaletted. Where you will notice square pixel surrounding the details. This is bad. With the smartphone technology, actually you can capture more better photo quality. Otherwise Big Head Portrait is your best option in this case. This is new product added by Triton Lim Artist – portrait artist Malaysia, recently this year end.

No accepted, pixaletted photo.




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