Go Green! Plastic Sheet Free

I'm type of person who love nature. Slowly I replaced plastic sheet and start using envelope until now. Plastic free, good for environment. Great for audience. Great for me.

Plastic sheet used for live caricature at the early years.

Why using Plastic Sheet for live caricature?

Back to those years, it seem normal using plastic sheet for slide in the artwork piece after done in live caricature events. Every caricature artist Malaysia doing same thing back to those years. And I’m the newbie too at that time, doing same thing no doubt.

It’s cheap. It’s transparent. Nice holding and people can look at it.

But I can’t sleep in peace. So I make a decision and making a change.

What forced you Envelope until now?

Year 2014 and early, I started felt no good inside. I’m proud drawing live caricature for people. But I’m no proud I using plastic sheet. Soon I switched. I replaced plastic sheet with envelope. Until now. Although it expensive. But I can draw with my heart in comfort. I doing a part of protecting environment. And do so for the audience.

Taking care of environment, must. It is really hard to decompose to the earth. Triton Lim Caricature Artist Malaysia, delivery same message to people who get this drawing and put inside envelope. If can reduce using plastic, try so. If 100% no plastic, that is best.

It’s costly, I know. But I can draw with mind in peace. No more causing environment pollution. I feel great, even audience agree with.

Starting 2014 & early, envelope replaced & used for live caricature.





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