Go Green! Plastic Sheet Free

...I'm type of person who love nature. Slowly I replaced plastic sheet and start using envelope until now. Plastic free, good for environment. Great for audience. Great for me.

Why Pixelated Faces People in Photo?

...Why Chris shown completely in the nude (pixelated) and shouting: “You flicked too hard dammit!”

Hand-Painting Batik on Cotton Poplin

...I couldn't imagine 100cm x 100cm Poplin is so big for me. And I pick

Big Head Little Body Portrait, A Gift For Colleague

...Normal Portrait head drawing? Or Big Head Little Body Portrait drawing? Which one is great

Photo Emulsion

...What is Photo Emulsion? How does it work? How do I know these as a

Silkscreen Table

...I was crazy searching anyway, quite far far away, and just look for a silkscreen