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I’m Triton Lim, Fascinate exaggerating a person into caricature. portrait drawing Started since Covid19. And the journey about A Cat Man.

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Pleasure to have: Wedding/ Birthday/ Annual Dinner/ Family Day/ Conferences/ Roadshow and others.

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  • Something shock
  • People laughing you
  • Dare to break the tradition

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* Charge by slot, each slot 3 hours. Weekend, Public & School Holiday, rates may differ in season. **Due to Covid19, Live Caricature Booking may not available.

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"I wanna This this This... I wanna That That..."

Sori, NO Here!

If you found that my caricature style it’s suitable for you, click below to know more.

I Draw exaggeration

I don't draw

boring head!!

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Caricature Couple

Surprise with the exaggerated caricature for your special occasion cerebration days.

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Portrait Drawing

noting fancy, no Wow wow wow!!

Portrait drawing by Triton Lim – Portrait Artist Malaysia, since COVID19 impacted.

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What People Say






Cat Activist



What Else



Photo Emulsion

What is Photo Emulsion? How does it work? How do I know these as a Newbie.

Silkscreen Table

I was crazy searching anyway, quite far far away, and just look for a silkscreen table.

Cat Man

Helps For A Stray Cat

There are doubt, struggle what or how is the best way for her life, stray cat born by abandoned mum in Apartment area here.

Are you the rushing one? Or you are the attentive one?

The place here changed time to time. And this is the kitchen for whom love my way of making dish. If my website couldn’t reach your taste, please gentle let me know. I will try cook better.