Triton Lim Artist, who fascinated exaggerating person face into caricature since very early years.

What I do

I travel for live caricature. I train people to perform on stage. Commissions while got spare time. And some others works I passion about, to express myself.


Thumbnail sketching helps me a lot in the way drawing big size of caricature. Sometime...
"Buy A Cake or Buy A Portrait Drawing?" Both definitely needed. It is for family...
I personally do not recommended at all, company asking for live caricature drawing based on...

Batik Rock you

I couldn't imagine 100cm x 100cm Poplin is so big for me. And I pick "My Lovely Cat" theme at this Batik hand-painting lesson too.

A Cat Man Story

There are doubt, struggle what or how is the best way for her life, stray cat born by abandoned mum in Apartment area here.

Screen Print Journey

From selecting the quality of hoodie until the ink selection, all kind of materials need to be considered. This is my first screen print project: Hoodie for students.

"How to train employee draw in live caricature?"

…why should hire Professional? While employee got a talents?