Hello Everyone!

I’m Triton Lim Artist, who fascinated to exaggerate person face into caricature since very early. While portrait drawing available since COVID19. Lastly the journey about A Cat Man.

Live Caricature for Party Events

Having Live Caricature in the event, is that just for drawing people face into likeness to get crowd chilled up?

Is More than that actually~

There are unusual imagination & spiritual flow in between audience and artist. This could be a few minutes for you, but you might not knew, it take a lot of effort by Artist to draw so.

An “Appreciation & Honor” for you here — by Triton Lim, Caricature Artist Malaysia.

Live For
Annual Dinner
Family Day

Top 3 Reason Having
Live Caricature

➜  Cheering up the phenomena with fun laughing tone

➜  Once in the life time, for having Likeness face drawn

➜  A Giving back, something worth for the audience to keep

Live Caricature for wedding dinner. It is almost liked having a live band at the event.

Schedule & Price Checking
3 or 6 hours booking. Weekend, Public/School Holiday & Outstations, rates may differ.

Turn Face into caricature drawing

I’m just an ordinary person who just passion about Caricature drawing.

With my own experience and style, you will find elements such, likeness, humor & exaggeration in the premium artwork pieces.

Today Triton Lim, having this teaching part section too. For those who choose to draw by yourself and express yours feel to your friends or family members. Beauty or not, doesn’t matter.

Top 2 reason
draw caricature by yourself

  Show the person what you care to making a surprise through the learning

➜  If I’m a recipient, I want the creation from you. Not by others you hired. Proof me how care is you to me.

It doesn’t matter nice or ugly.

Video about how caricature draw by artist.

Custom Request Draw By Artist
3 to 5 days typically for a order. Not include parcel delivery days ya.

90% People Malaysia misunderstood caricature is portrait/Cartoon.

( Which one is Caricature? Which one is Portrait of Obama, as photo shown here?)

Training Project

Interested to train yours students to be a live caricature junior artist for school festival?

Big Head portrait drawing For Friends

The Big Head Little Body influencing many people, especially Sam Hui cinema poster since 70’s & 80’s already. Portrait Artist Malaysia — Triton Lim, add-in this drawing services since COVID impacted. 

It’s cute & funny overall. Ordinary choice for all. But I didn’t pick it at the begining. Everything changed since COVID impacted ours life here. “What to do if our self don’t make a change first. Right?”

Top 2 reason
you should draw Portrait by yourself

➜  Showing 100% how care you are to the person & family members interest by learning something. It’s not about buying luxury brand could win the person heart.

➜  Recipient want the creation is from you, not by some one else you pay. Proof it what you capable of.

Portrait Drawing For A Family

“Buy A Cake or Buy A Portrait Drawing?” Both definitely needed. It is for family happiness. Once a year. Portrait drawing as present gift. Cake for stomach happiness. (just joking.)

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Custom Request Draw By Artist
3 to 5 days typically for a order. Not include courier days ya.

Top 3 characteristics of Triton Lim Artist

➜  Trust – sincerity among each other. If I can’t do it I say can’t. If you changed your mind, please say it, don’t say something else.

➜  Commitment – by deposit, bond made always. And this is good way to practice a proper business too.

➜  Low Profile – just to be myself, showiness. Seen enough somehow media’s flushing people mind.

Batik Rock you

I couldn't imagine 100cm x 100cm Poplin is so big for me. And I pick "My Lovely Cat" theme at this Batik hand-painting lesson too.

A Cat Man Story

There are doubt, struggle what or how is the best way for her life, stray cat born by abandoned mum in Apartment area here.

Screen Print Journey

From selecting the quality of hoodie until the ink selection, all kind of materials need to be considered. This is my first screen print project: Hoodie for students.